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Nile Delta, Egypt

Hailing from the Nile Delta, Egypt, we only use the strongest, longest and silkiest authentic Egyptian Giza cotton to create our knitwear collection. Working directly with 545 small family-run farms in the region, we bypass the use of traditional middlemen to ensure best business practices and guaranteed pricing (which for those who like numbers, equated to 35% above market pay last season). We work hand-in-hand with the farmers to understand their changing needs, providing them with subsidies like fertilizer and agricultural consultants, and their biggest request: accessible, quality education for their children. So, from funds raised from the sales of every order to date, we’ve built two schools in the Nile Delta farming communities, with another three underway for 2019.

Borg el Arab, Egypt

From the farms, our raw cotton is taken in large bails to Alexandria to be cleaned, carded—a process of sorting and lining up fibres—and coiled into thick ropes, which are then stretched and spun into finer and finer strands that result in our yarns. The state of the art facility, founded in 2006, is ISO 9001 and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certified, and offers employee benefits, bonuses, complimentary transportation, and daily team meals.

Cairo, Egypt

A family-owned and run operation established in 1979, the fabric mill and dyehouse employs over 200 locals, who oversee the spinning, weaving and dyeing of fabrics, specializing in Egyptian cotton and dyed patterns. The facility is compliant with the International Standard Organization’s (ISO) and the American Association of Textile Chemical and Colorists’ (AATCC) environmental safety standards.

Alexandria, Egypt

Established in 1935, our woven top factory began with producing galabeyas, a traditional Egyptian garment. The facility has worked with some of the same employees for more than 40 years, offering programs like vocational training for at-risk youth.